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Rushmore provides an online event registration, surveys and delegate/guest management services. Whether it is simple forms for seminars, online event registration for conferences or online surveys, we have a range of solutions to suit almost any event and any budget.



Conservative Party Conference

since 2007
Delegate Accreditation & Commercial Platform

Conservative Party Conference

since 2007

Online Registration & Accreditation


CBI Conference

since 2015
Delegate Registration

CBI Conference

Delegate Registration & Pass Printing


European Ideas Network

since 2008
Contact DB & Multy Event Registration Platform

European Ideas Network Contact DB & Multy Event Registration Platform

since 2008

Corporate Event Management

Calendar Planner

Corporate Event Management

Calendar Planner



with Rushmore Digital, you can mix and match options to create the custom event registration and management solution tailored to your unique needs

Event Branded Website

Brand the event website to match your company look and feel; or have an unique design created for just your event.

Responsive Layouts

Mobile frieldly designes to also look great on smartphones, tablets and any other personal or mobile device!

Online Event Registration

Flexible and dinamic registration process (specific registration for different delegate types, create custom registration questions, pre-field data)

Event Email Communication

Event branded emailing - from Infitation to register to the final thank you letter, and everything in between.

Resources Management

Promote breakout sessions with pictures, descriptions and a reservation system

Online Payment

Integrated Payments and Invoicing:

Pass Design & Printing

Batch print all your name badges onto choosen labels. Or print them on site.

Web Security SSL

Abstracts Submission

Speakers Management

Delegate's Agenada Planner

Ehxibitors Management

Powerful Reporting

Rushmore Digital comes complete with a suite of reports for all of your registrations, logistics, finance and management reporting needs.

  • Export reports - in Excel or CSV
  • Google Analytics - to easily track orders, visits, and goals.


Integrate with third party services and use them to improve your workflow.

  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce

Event's Calendar

Our Services

Need something a little different? No problem. Chances are, if you need something special, we have done it before. Whether you want our off-the-shelf solutions or a bespoke package, we will deliver.

Small events registration sites

Includes creating registration event websites, sending a custom confirmation email to all registrants and downloading reports with all gathered information.

  • Event Web Site - Delegates go to a branded event website with registration form
  • Single page RSVP - Form on a one page layout.
  • Specific branding - Recognize the uses of branding for consumers and producers.
  • Email invitations - Email all your invitations online.
  • Confirmation - Automatic confirmation emails thank delegates for responding.
  • Custom Report - Produce real-time reports updating delegate status.

Series of Template based events

Every registration event website has a welcome page, a registration page, a programs page and other information pages. The websites are password protected.

  • Email invitations - Email all your invitations online.
  • Single page RSVP - Form on a one page layout.
  • Specific branding - Recognize the uses of branding for consumers and producers.
  • Multiple locations - Designed to find the best route between several points.
  • Multiple timeslots - Select multiple appointments and checkout all at once.

Conferences registration & Accreditation Portals

Rushmore's corporate event management provides a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized companies corporations who need more control over their meetings and events. Your attendees are the lifeblood of your conferences, seminars, and various events. Providing them with an enriching, stress-free experience, from registration to the post-event survey, is essential to your success. Rushmore ensures that your corporate events will run smoothly throughout their complete lifecycle.

  • multi page
  • cross platform - mobile, web
  • fully customizeble
  • email marketing
  • session management
  • speaker & abstracts management
  • delegate approval process
  • integration with CRM systems
  • creative designs

Venues Management

Conference attracts a large number of delegates providing an excellent opportunity for business and organisations to showcase their brands and promote their messages at a variety of events, within the exhibition and through advertising.

Manage your conference

  • Exhibition and Market Place
  • Advertising and Sponsorship orders
  • Meetings & Fringe Events

Corporate Event Management Systems

The online event management system for staying on top of your events and business

  • central database hosting events
  • central database vendors & delegate contacts
  • events calendar planner
  • bespoke functionalities

All event information in one place: All important event information is accessible in one system, for example event activities and tasks as well as documents and schedules.

Real-time reporting: Rushmore facilitates your reporting as it helps you capture relevant data and enables you to categorize events to aid with marketing, accounting and analysis.

Purpose-built event CRM: Easily access your clients’ event history and respond efficiently and in a well-informed manner to them. Direct integration with registration and accounts payable makes it easy for you to check registrant details or verify whether invoices have been paid.

Further elements include:

  • Executive dashboards and reporting
  • Organization and event web sites
  • Interactive event guides
  • Mobile solutions

Whats Client Say

testimonial image

I have a really good impressions about the DWSPW event. The software is really easy to use, much more flexible than the other I have tried. I like the easy way the non-technical user could edit something without using our support. The overall performance, our reporting and our support was really impressive too!

Katherine Gray, Account Director The Vantage Point Group
testimonial image

The registration tool is definitely time saving and keeps things very organized. Having records of activity of the registrants is very useful. Also, being able to click a button and pull a comprehensive report is great.

The live support is excellent and very helpful for the fewer computer savvy individuals like myself. If I am having particular difficulty with performing a function, I receive not only detailed instructions with photos but also a phone call to ensure that I am no longer have questions and if I do I am walked step by step through the process.

Marie Rauschenbach, Operations Manager
testimonial image

With regards to the system my opinion is exceedingly positive.

The system integrates all informational fields carrying the necessary data about each registered guest, which allows quick and comfortable review, systematization and analysis of the information.

The application has a pleasant look and feel and its interface is user-friendly and easy to work with.

Communication with the team is on a very good level, the support service is highly professional. We always get quick turnaround of the tasks we send and receive adequate replies to our requests. The team's executives are very responsive, helpful and supportive to our needs.

Dimo IVANOV, Policy Coordinator EPP Group in the European Parliament
  • The Conservative Party
  • Shire
  • Novartis
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About us

Rushmore Digital was founded in 2002. The company creates online software solutions to every day business dilemmas. We are proud with paying careful attention to details and providing superior customer service. Our ultimate goal is to assure a superior level of software services, providing wide scope of online event registration and guest management services and offering client specific implementation of their entire working process.

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Tsvetelin Saykov

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Pam Hristova

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Hristo Dokov

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Alexander Kundurdjiev

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Veronika Hristova

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